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100 Moments of Aku

an axel/ & /axel theme community.

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An Kingdom Hearts 100 theme journal based on Axel pairings.

Welcome to 100 Moments of Aku, a 100 theme community based on Axel pairings for the series Kingdom Hearts.

We like to think of ourselves as a different kind of 100 theme community because instead of members just picking a pairing and writing/drawing 100 fics/images for each theme, they choose one theme and a pairing for it.

What is 100 Moments of Aku?

As previously stated, 100 Moments of Aku is a Kingdom Hearts 100 theme community where the members choose one or more of the themes and draw art or write fanfiction for that theme with a pairing involving Axel. Only one piece can be done for each theme and once all 100 themes have been done, a new set of 100 is made and posted and the process begins again.

Rules & Tips

1.] ALL pairings have to have Axel. He can be either the seme or uke, etc. just as long as he is in the pairing.

2.] All art and writing must be placed under a cut, unless you are linking to it from somewhere else.

3.] Please use the submission template provided below Rules & Tips when posting a piece. Feel free to add whatever you want to it, as long as the fields provided are still there.

4.] You are free to post non-submission posts as long as they relate to an Axel pairing, Axel, or the community. Suggestions for new themes are greatly appreciated, also!

5.] Please try and make everyone look/act in-character. We wouldn't love these characters so much if they weren't who they were in their entirety. A little OOCness is acceptable of course. Everyone has their OOC moments.

6.] Once you have claimed a theme you have two weeks to do the piece. If you have not posted the piece for your theme in two weeks (and a few days for kindness) it will be put back up for grabs.

7.] Yes, we did say any pairing was allowed, but OC/Axel and Axel/OC doesn't make the cut. Sorry folks, KH characters only.

8.] ABSOLUTELY NO bashing of people's pairings of choice. No Axel-bashing either. In fact, just don't character-bash. If you don't like the character/pair, fine, but this isn't a place for you to hate on them.

9.] Our policy has changed. If you're doing a theme, please join. Even if it's one theme, we would like you to join the community. You don't have to join right away and are free to claim a theme before you join, but join to post it.

1.] Be creative! You don't have to take any of the themes at face value, interpret them as you wish and have fun with it.

2.] Your work can be ANY pairing you can think of, although we would prefer it if you stuck with people Axel has come in contact with if you're going to do an in-game piece. For AU's it doesn't matter at all.

3.] Don't stress about limits. Works can be as long as you want them to be, as long as you have used the theme and explain how it was used. Fics can be multi-chaptered and art can be multi-page comics if you want.

Submission Template

Theme: #__. _________
Rating: (K, K+, T, M, or MA/NC-17)
Interpretation: (How did you interpret and use the theme you chose?)

Themes - Set #1

To claim a theme, please comment in this post.
Comment in this post to suggest upcoming themes.

1. First impressions
2. Step up
3. Jump
4. Crash and burn - Claimed by musicalairwaves 7/19
5. B
6. Red
7. Symmetry
8. Fly
9. Edge
10. Overdrive
11. Smile
12. Pit
13. Lines
14. White room - Claimed by xxx_pandacross 7/26
15. Song
16. Myself
17. Alone
18. Boots
19. First kiss - Claimed by yomi_chan305 7/18
20. Story
21. Second
22. Jam
23. Links
24. The road ahead
25. Self-indulgence
26. Candlelight
27. Golden
28. Flurry
29. Polaroid
30. Telephone
31. Smoke
32. Questions - [ Axel/Demyx ] by solacedreaming
33. No regrets - [ Axel/Roxas ] by aurons_fan
34. Paradise
35. Rose
36. Eyes
37. Touch
38. In the open
39. Into the unknown
40. Truth
41. Count on me
42. Note - Claimed by sin_alchemy 7/19
43. Secret
44. Sand
45. Love
46. Today
47. With you
48. Wounds - [Axel/Zexion] by roomofawakening
49. Silly
50. Forget
51. Wanting - Claimed by roxxxie13 7/19
52. Lost
53. Sigh
54. Strings - [Axel/Zexion] by roomofawakening
55. Believe
56. Dance
57. Underhanded
58. Deep
59. Apologies
60. Mark
61. World
62. Slow
63. Anything
64. Outside
65. Eternal
66. Excite
67. Ignite - Claimed by trimgular 7/19
68. Point and shoot
69. From me to you
70. Ties
71. Rest
72. Well enough
73. Scent
74. Mix
75. Opportunity
76. Plated
77. Less
78. More
79. Stars
80. Follow
81. Painted
82. Numbers - Claimed by x_unfinished_x 7/19
83. Listen
84. Text
85. Credit
86. Semper Fi - Claimed by parametric 7/18
87. Moonlight
88. Relax
89. Breathe
90. Daydream
91. Reflect
92. Exultant
93. Own little world
94. Vacation
95. Snack - Claimed by solacedreaming 7/26
96. Drink
97. Zero gravity
98. Maximum
99. Magazine
100. One hundred


Axel/Zexion community.

Xemnas/Demyx community.

A Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts AU roleplay community.

If you would like to become one please go to this post in my journal and comment me.

This community is owned and maintained by sixverstein. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.